SUNDAY October  09th.  11:30 - 4 pm. 

BALBOA PARK Oktoberfest extravaganza. 

Open mike platform open to all players. Dress up Bavarian style

Next to the San Diego Natural History Museum.

in sight of the Big water fountain of Fleet Science Center.

1788 El Prado, Balboa Park, San Diego 92101

Please call Bob Warner to submit your playlist 858-748-3559.

Send newsletter submissions to;

For those of you who want to call, write or visit Kjell Holmes

he'd love to hear from you. 858 349-9270, c/o LasVillas de Carlsbad, 1088 Laguna Dr., Carlsbad, Ca. 92008

Don't miss out on another great year of exciting Entertainment.

Our talented members, Henry Doktorsky, Debra Peters, Brian Money, Shelia Lee, Bonnie Birch, Chuck Henry,  Gordon Kohl, Al Jacobs, Bob Page.

You can't find a better entertainment value than ALSI.

Admission is FREE for first time. $6 members, $8 non members.

Same rates as the last 4 years $25 USA, $26 Canada,

$27 International $100 Gold.  Mail to;  ALSI Reed Block

c/o Mary Lou Erwin, P.O.Box 712571, Santee, Ca. 92072



PRESIDENT:    Gordon Kohl  (619) 395-0454

NEWSLETTER: Ted Hill  (619) 276 5890


NEXT MEETING:  October 9th, Sunday  11:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Balboa park, Oktoberfest. near Science Center Fountain


A.L.S.I. is San Diego's forum for appreciating and performing accordion music, including the MIDI electronic accordion. We welcome members who enjoy listening to or playing accordion music. We have an accordion ensemble group, monthly meetings, local concerts featuring local and internationally famous performers, an annual picnic and a monthly newsletter.

325 Kempton St. / San Carlos St. Gate entrance. Bailey Hall.

Mt Miguel Covenant Villiage, Spring Valley, Ca. 91977

Refreshments, goodies, Accordion music & good friends.

Newsletter submissions due Sept 20th  to;